Our Recipe For A Better Brekfast

Yes, we’re all about delicious. But we know that a better breakfast starts with better ingredients. So we’re serving up a twist on breakfast by starting with responsibly sourced ingredients and bringing them together in unexpected ways.

We believe everyone deserves access to responsibly sourced food that is both real and delicious. We work hard with partners who are as passionate as we are about food, sustainable agriculture, and how animals are treated to help create a better food system for future generations to thrive upon.

That’s why we’ve established Snooze Approved, a set of standards that ensure the ultimate responsibility of the food we allow through our doors and to be served to our guests. From the purveyor, through the supply chain, and into our restaurants, we want everything that goes into our breakfast to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Grains in a bowl surrounded by other ingredients.

Our Snooze Approved Standards

Every ingredient that goes into the food and beverages we serve has its own impact on the planet and our communities. So we’ve established standards not only for the food we serve, but for the partners we source that food from. If it doesn’t get Snooze Approved, it doesn’t get served. Plain and simple.

Is it craveable?

First and foremost, our food must taste delicious and be absolutely craveable!

Respect Animals

We believe animals should be treated with respect, and we partner with purveyors who believe the same. This means animals are not subjected to unnecessary use of antibiotics, added hormones, do not experience confinement, and are fed a wholesome diet with no animal byproducts.