A Different Kind Of Breakfast Calls For A Different Kind Of Person.

Each Snoozer who joins our team builds our culture by never leaving their personality at the door and always bringing out the best in themselves and others. Because what brings our Snoozers together is more than just a passion for serving pretty pancakes. It’s our desire to serve a greater purpose — for our communities, our people, and our planet. We want everyone who walks out our doors to leave happier than they were when they walked in. And that includes our Snoozers.

Comprised of an eclectic group of people from all walks of life

Snoozer Stories

snoozer female

NElly Woods

Server /Trotter

“We’re not a cookies-cutter environment. We’re encouraged to be different and to be ourselves – so much respect comes from that!”
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“Snooze challenges me to go outside my comfort zone and develop as a professional. These relationships make me want to become better in my role.”
Snoozer male

Orlando Carrillo


“My favorite part about working at Snooze is the people that I work with each day.”


HOH / NBS Manager

“Snooze made me who I am today by letting me be myself.”
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Michaela Real

Food Runner / Hostess

“Snooze is a strong community of thoughtful people. Everyone has such genuine care for their work, as well as each other; it’s very inspiring to be a part of”
A Snoozer In A Green Colorado Snooze Shirt In Front Of A Yellow Background

Madison Shoemaker


“I’ve learned just how significant a small gesture can be when somebody is struggling. A pancake may not solve any problems, but it definitely doesn’t hurt.”
A Snoozer In A Black Chef's Shirt In Front Of A Green Background

KelVin Pena

Sous Chef

“Snooze truly cares about the people – both our guests and internal guests. I always tell new Snoozers that this company will reward the hard work and time you put into it by supporting your professional and personal goals.”
A Snoozer In A Colorado Snooze Shirt In Front Of A Blue Background

James wood

Server / Trotter

“My work environment and coworkers are two things I cherish most, and both are so positive, making Snooze unique!”


Write Your Own Story At Snooze

At Snooze, we invest in our front of house and heart of house Snoozers through training, education, and mentorship. So whatever path you choose or goals you set, we’ll help your reach them. Everyone’s career is different, but here’s an idea of what your Snooze journey could look like…

Click the titles to learn more

New Snoozer

Find your place in one of eight hourly
roles that brings the Snooze experience to life.

Change Maker

Begin stepping up and become a leader of our community and sustainability efforts within your restaurant.

Story Teller or Trotter

Pass on the passion and share your story with others; maybe even take it on the road.

Sous Chef

You guide the heart of house and make our signature creative twists happen — as well as taking the lead in our mid-shift dance parties.

Assistant General Manager

You’re guiding the front of house and taking the lead on everything from hospitality and safety to coffee and cocktails.

Head Chef

As second-in-command to the General Manager, you’re responsible for setting and exceeding expectations around the Snooze menu and the heart of house operations.

General Manager

The keeper of our Snooze Compass is responsible for…well, pretty much everything. With your head chef as your co-pilot and an entire  team of Snoozers at your back, it’s up to you to create the difference.

Snooze Benefits

With serving great pancakes comes great benefits. At Snooze, we believe in taking care of our Snoozers just as we do our guests. Here are some of our benefits.

Piggy Bank Icon
401(K) and other savings options
Bandaid Icon
Comprehensive health benefits
Dollar Bill Icon
Weekly Pay
Disco Ball Icon
Unlimited dance parties
Pancake Icon
Snooze pancake discounts
Pet Paw Icon
Pet Insurance
Helping Hands Icon
Paid community volunteer days
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No Late Nights

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At Snooze, we treat each other like family – which means we’re here for each other in the good times…and the not-so-good times. That’s why we formed the Snooze Compass Foundation – created, funded, and operated by Snoozers, for Snoozers. Each time our paychecks come around, we have the option to donate a dollar or two to our collective rainy day fund. So when the unexpected happens, we’re able to help Snoozers when they need it most. Because at Snooze, we feel the same about helping hands as we do about pancakes – we’ll never stop at just one.


If you’re looking for a place where your passions are celebrated and your values
are valued, join the Snooze family!