Tofu seasoned with onion powder, salt & pepper; scrambled with choice of three enhancements, served with hash browns and a choice of toast or tortillas.

A Better Breakfast Starts with Happy Hens

That’s Why We Always Use Fresh Cage-free Eggs

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Nutritional Information

Calories520 – 1290 Cal
Calories from Fat– Cal
Total Fat– g
Trans Fat– g
Saturated Fat– g
Cholesterol– mg
Sodium– mg
Carbohydrates– g
Dietary Fiber– g
Total Sugars– g
Protein– g

Entrée modifications and selections may contain additional allergens. This information is provided for general guidance; always ask for confirmation from a Snoozer. Cross contact is possible due to common handing and preparation in our restaurants. We are unable to guarantee that an item is completely free of allergens.

Tofu, Cheese (cheedar, jack, cotija, goat), 3 Fillings, Hash Browns & Toast with Jam (white, wheat, rye, sourdough, english muffin, gluten free) or Tortilla.

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