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We’re not just passionate about creating delicious dishes – we’re also dedicated to protecting our planet. We work hard to be an environmental champion by implementing sustainable practices throughout our business.

Our waste diversion program is top-notch, with a focus on recycling and composting. We even use sustainable to-go packaging to reduce single-use plastic waste. And get this – we carbon offset 100% of our to-go and delivery orders, so you can enjoy your breakfast guilt-free.

We take responsibility for our sourcing by having a Snooze Approved program, ensuring that our ingredients come from humanely raised animals and responsible sources. And every Earth Day, we celebrate our 1 Tree | 1 Snoozer program by planting a tree for each of our incredible Snoozers.

But that’s not all, folks! We’ve set building standards to minimize our environmental impact, including low-flow water toilets and aerators, as well as EnergyStar appliances. So come on down to Snooze and enjoy a delicious breakfast while supporting a sustainable future for all.