We Make Change For Breakfast Because Here At Snooze Every Day Is Earth Day

Snoozers plating a tree

1 Tree 1 Snoozer

Every year, in honor of Earth Day, we plant one tree for EVERY SNOOZER. This year, most of the trees will be planted at our coffee partner’s farm, La Bolsa, in Guatemala!


Trees Planted This Year


Trees Planted To Date

Let Us Plant A Tree For You too!

For all MySnooze Bennyfits members who make a purchase using their MySnooze Bennyfits account in-restaurant or online on Earth Day 4/22, Snooze will donate a Tree in their honor to be planted at our coffee partner’s farm, La Bolsa, in Guatemala.

100% of to-go and deliveries are carbon neutral

By Supporting A Regenerative Grasslands Project In South Eastern Colorado

Transforming harmful carbon in the aire into helpful carbon in the soil

Which means our impact so far is…

2022 1.334 Metric Tons Of Carbon Removed 3.3M Miles Not Driven

Total To Date 3,416 Metric Tons Of Carbon Removed 8.6M Miles Not Driven

People, Planet, Pancakes

Earth Day Partnership 2023

We’re excited to continue our partnership with National Young Farmers Coalition for the third year in a row. We are committed to donating $25,000 directly to their trip to Washington, DC to advocate for the Farm Bill with Young Farmers from all over the US.

Young Farmers’ mission is to equitably resource the next generation of working farmers. They advocate for structural change through policy on issues such as climate change and land access.

National Young Farmers Association in Washington DC
Snooze Changemaker Bria holding compost bucket

Snoozer Showcase

Bria, ‘Jabria,

Snooze Del Mar AGM & Changemaker

Before working at Snooze, I wasn’t as educated on living sustainably. I found it to be overwhelming. That is when I challenged myself to become a Changemaker. A Snooze Changemaker is a role within the restaurant dedicated to leading all things community outreach to in-restaurant waste sorting. Our goal as a Changemaker is to be an overall impact champion. Since gaining that role, I’ve taken those learnings to my everyday life outside of the restaurant.

As a Changemaker, my role is designed to motivate our Snoozers to practice what we preach! I am constantly updating our Changemaker Board in the ‘heart of house’. I use memes to draw attention and help remind our Snoozers of sustainable impact in-restaurant.

Snoozer Showcase


Snooze Barista, Change Maker, Board Member & Global Citizen

My favorite thing about working at Snooze is the passion for environmental change. As a Changemaker at Snooze, I love discovering new ways to give back to our community and the environment.

My passion for sustainability started 4 years ago when I went on a volunteer trip in Tanzania. From the start, this volunteer trip inspired me to live a more balanced life. Since then, my favorite way to live sustainably is to minimize my daily waste. I have slowly replaced items I use daily with more eco-friendly options.

Since my first day of Snooze orientation, I’ve felt this fire to do more good. To pursue my dreams and help others achieve theirs. To recognize my incredible privilege and use that as a driving force to aid change.

Snooze Changemaker Courtney holding flag