Hillcrest San Diego

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Addy (Click for directions via car, bus, bike or foot): 3940 Fifth Avenue, San Diego CA 92103
Hours: Monday thru Friday : 6:30 AM til 2:30PM; Saturday and Sunday: 7am til 2:30 PM

Phone: 619.500.3344
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax : ummm... email?
Reservations: We're a walk in, first come first serve kinda joint. Sorry for the inconvenience to you all but come on down, drink some coffee, chat with friends, and dream of Snooze food magic.
Catering??? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


butterfield 1

Robert Butterfield (HiC GM) Big Kahuna:

What brought you to Snooze?

It was a ladder. 

It's really tall. 

Some people go up.

Some people go down. 

You meet a lot of people on the ladder.

Be nice to all of them and you discover how fun the ladder can be!

Where do you hail from?

Sunny SoCal and the 60's!

What Snooze Food best describes you?
The Rocky Road- Kind of Bumpy and Rough on the outside and a little Nutty on the Inside!

Ryan Devereaux (HIC Head) Chef-reaux:

Why Oh Why?
The awesomeness of Snooze is what brought me....

De Donde Eres?
I am from Evergreen Colorado

What is a pancake you feel like?
I would be the Peanut Butter Chocolate pancake

Ryan 1

Nick P 1

Nick Papantonakis (HiC AGM) Johnny Utah:

1. What brought me to Snooze? 

Divine intervention...nah, just playing.  I had been dreaming of a job managing a restaurant after I graduated from CSU with my hospitality degree.  Snooze and I found each other in Fort Collins, CO!

2. I hail from…

Arvada, CO originally.  Been a Colorado boy all my life in Arvada and Fort Collins, and now I hold down the west coast in sunny San Diego.

3. The pancake that best describes me is…
something with peanut butter.  I LOVE peanut butter, so I'd have to say it's a peanut butter batter with sliced bananas inside, chocolate cream sauce and peanut butter butter on top - BOOM!

Matt Lieurance (HiC Sous) The Gentle Giant:

1. What brought me to snooze was the idea of making a difference in not only one of the most wasteful industries but the future planet, so far so good! Cooking has always been my passion but I never thought these two worlds could meet.

2. I hail from San Diego CA born and raised.

3. The pancake the best describes me would be a whole wheat batter with dark chcolate chips inside and topped with a a porter maple and maybe some earth balance butter. Maybe with a Maui Coconut Porter.

Matt 1
an ode to San Diego:

Oh how we love San Diego! We love being a part of the Hillcrest Community.  Here's a little list (surely to grow and grow) on why we'll feel perfect together, SD & Snooze:

- You love food. We love food. We make some amazing breakfast and lunch served with tasty AM drinks, including custom/crafty cocktails!

- The idea of Snooze was actually crafted when owner Jon Schlegel was working in La Jolla... so in a way, we're coming home. Brother's Schlegel (and their lil sis!) have lived, worked, mock surfed in San Diego for many years before returning to their native Denver.

- Hillcrest speaks to who we are: vibrant, creative, neighbors, sustainable, delicious.

- This place we'll call home, well, it's beautiful. A brand new building with sky high ceilings, all glass fronts and sky lights throughout. Snoozey fun feel while pushing our wonderful design partners Xan Creative.

- Being part of something great: Specifically, that there are terrific spots serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond in SD, and we hope to join this burgeoning foodie community

We are forever grateful for this opportunity, and look forward each day to open our doors and having the chance to serve you our breakfast