One of our favorite pondering moments, attempting just how to explain Snooze: Googie archtecture? We've heard it can remind one of New York, maybe La Jolla, Seattle, Vegas, South Beach or Portland. Then there is the time lapse, part Jetsons, part Happy Days, part Flintstones. And just how do you describe what may be the coolest booths around? A Tilt-O-Whirl, the half-crescent, Pac-Man?

Luckily it's all here for enjoyment, comfort, artistic flair and fantastic energy.

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The Snooze concept, beyond great food, was to create a comfortable and timeless setting. Energy through design, from flow to the feelings invoked. This vibe is reflected in both the space, and the service. Snooze has the comfort of a neighborhood coffee shop, while evoking a retro-future spin. It's fun.

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WOW, we won the 2007 Denver Mayor's Design Award: Wicked Little Details!