Culinary Conductors


What do you handle with such a lofty title? It's all the brainstorming of an acronym. The 3 Cs provide Chief Culinary Conductor. The PO... Purchasing Officer. What's it spell? Spencer Lomax.

Lomax officially joined Snooze in November of 2009, however his impact, vision and commitment to Snooze's take on dining has always resonated. Part of our opening team in identifying the products we so strive for, Lomax, throughout the years, provided sound advice, challenge and evolution in the food we bring to your table. From his chef days in the foodie/freedom town Grand Lake, cheese monger in Chicago, food purveyor to some of Denver's finest restaurants, co-lead for the Highland Ramblers, Lomax's past molds him perfectly for our present and a bright future. We look to ever increase the level of food and beverages we bring, more sustainable, fresher, tastier, innvoative. We look to ensure an amazing experience each and every time you dine at Snooze. We look to work with some of the best people around. Thus, we present Spencer Lomax. Email him and talk of tastes you love, foods you long for, ideas you have, fun times a coming.