Let Your SoGlo!

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Snooze is at the Streets of Southglenn (you'll hear our reference often, we've dubbed Southglenn SoGlo). Snooze has searched the south Denver seas to find the spot that fits who we are, and we've nailed it. A city to the suburbs, walking paths and funky restaurants, LEED certified buildings and the best running trail in the state only 3 blocks away (Highline Canal if you're wondering).

Opened up on November 11 2011 with an abosutely stellar team and the vibe and energy you expect from Snooze, we are letting our SoGlo!

Addy (Click for directions via car, bus, bike or foot): 6781 S York St, Suite 515, Centennial CO 80122
HOURS: Monday thru Friday : 6:30 AM til 2:30PM; Saturday & Sunday : 7AM til 2:30PM
Phone : 303.734.YOLK
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax : ummm... email?

Reservations: We're a walk in, first come first serve kinda joint. Sorry for the inconvenience to you all but come on down, drink some coffee, chat with friends, and dream of Snooze food magic.


John Paul Daniel "JD": (SoGlo GM) The Sausage King of SoGlo:

What brought you to Snooze?


Where do you hail from? 


I hail from d town... Detroit


What Snooze Pancake best describes you?

Sweet potato cause I'm sweet and I look like a potato

Mike Peake (Exec Chef SoGlo) Vanilla Cream:

What brought me to Snooze?

Breakfast brought me to snooze because its the first thing u do in the morning.



Where do I hail from?

 I'm from Springfield Illinois. 

What pancake best describes me?

And the pancake that best describes me is the Orange dream sickle because I'm living the dream.

Mike Pic 1

Hackett Pic 1

Nick Hackett (Soglo AGM) Mr. Nice Guy:

What brought me to snooze? Had a few friends working for Snooze and told me I would be a great fit. As I learned more about Snooze I realized it was a match made in heaven so I pursued Snooze because I knew this was going to be my career and I was going to be a lifer!

I hail from...... Denver, Colorado born and raised. North Denver to be precise! 


The pancake that best describes me is..... Something sweet and savory because I am very sweet and everyone loves a delicious savory dish. Grrrrrrr! Or maybe something with nuts because I am a little nutty. 

Chuck Moss (Soglo Sous) Chuckles:

The amazing out look on the service industry.

Nashville TN

Pineapple upside down pancake.

chuck 1