Fort Collins

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Snooze in the Fort, like a pea in the pod, a fit that simply makes our souls sigh. We love the community, the drive, collegiate ways, rivers that flow, beer that reciprocates, environmental leaders, and folks who love great food! A vision for years and a fruition come April 2010!

Addy (Click for directions via car, bus, bike or foot): 144 W Mountain Ave, Ft Collins, Colorado 80524

Hours: Monday thru Friday : 6:30 AM til 2:30PM; Saturday & Sunday : 7AM til 2:30PM
Phone : 970.482.WAKE (9253)
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax : ummm... email?

Reservations: We're a walk in, first come first serve kinda joint. Sorry for the inconvenience to you all but come on down, drink some coffee, chat with friends, and dream of Snooze food magic.

Deb 1

Debra Ryan (Ft Fun GM) Dr. Woo:

What brought you to Snooze?

 Fate brought me to Snooze.  When Adam asks one of my closest friends who is brokering our Fort Collins space if she knew anyone interested in running a Snooze…I jumped quick!

Where do you hail from? 

I hail from…FORT COLLINS born and raised.

What Snooze Pancake best describes you?

My cake.  I would be a cake with bananas and NUTS with a side of mixed fruit.  Simple and delicious.

Larry Lujan (Fort Fun Head) LL Cool Cakes:

What brought me to Snooze?
my good friend Deb "wooed" me from the management position I was in and brought me to the fun, exciting world of Snooze!!

Where do I hail from?

Born and raised in FoCo, and since everyone else from around the country is moving here and most of my family is here. I haven't found a reason to leave this beautiful city.

What pancake best describes me?

A jalapeno cream cheese pancake with jelly on top!!
Spicy, sweet, and oh so fun!!!!

Larry Pic 1

Taylor 1

Taylor Mclaughlin (Fort Fun AGM)  Miss Chutzpah:

  1. What brought me to Snooze? The atmosphere and the food. There is no where else like it and I really wanted to be apart of something so original and so dynamic. 

2. I hail from… Naples, Florida

3. The pancake that best describes me is…The blueberry pancake. Classic and still my favorite.

Enrique Juarez (Fort Fun Sous) Trickster:

1. I was looking for something different and I definitely found what I was looking for.

2. I am from Mexico city.

3. The pancake is tiramisu because it has my favorite 3 ingredients: coffee, brandy and sweet.

enrique 1