Ballpark: 2262 Larimer St



Our home store! In 2005 this served as a vacant telecom and a wavering ballet studio. Before that, an acclaimed night club of the '50s. Back in the Jack Kerouac days, it was even an hourly apartment! Today, we simply call it home. On April 2, 2006, Snooze became a reality with the opening of these doors.  From the first few days, Jon and Adam the sole folks working til Per arrived for sanity, through the infamous 2a til 2p shifts, Real Worlds, legendary Anniversary parties, and a scroll of regulars that similary call this home. We welcome you in.

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Jonathan Waller (BP GM) The Maestro:

What brought you to Snooze?
A prayer… a phone call, a yes y'all and a U-Haul.

Where do you hail from?
NWA- North West Arvada Colorado with a 12-year hiatus in San Diego

What Snooze Food best describes you?
The Cinnamon  Roll. So mirrors me with BMB with White Chocolate Chips, Vanilla Creme 
Anglaise, Caramel, Pecans and Cinny Butter

Executive Chef: Abelardo Herrera, aka El Jefe

Why oh Why:
To help jon and adam make their dream reality               
Where o' Where:
I hail from Zacatecas mexico
What say you?
Pineapple upside down its like me it makes people happy and brown sugar




Assistant General Manager: Ed Munoz, aka The Matador

1)  I-70 West and a U-Haul!!

2) Born in Baton Rouge, LA then to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia...some people say an accent still exists...

3)  Pigs in a Blanket!  Polodori Sausage inside a fluffy BMP with whipped butter and maple syrup on top...add an egg: yes please!  I like sausage, pancakes, and eggs so why not join them into one meal?!

Sous Chef:Andy Martinez 


Andy Martinez

What brought me to Snooze:
     A passion for the life style that being a breakfast chef brings.  I mean come on cream cheese and chedder cheese hollandaise, pineapple upside down pancakes,  and a make it your own creation menu. Who could ask for more.
Thanks to Chef Tyson  and Deb for giving me a new shot at my passion and thanks to Jon for creating Snooze!!!

Where do I hail from:
     Johnstown,  Colorado. I'm a small town boy raised on fresh local  farm veggies and meats with a great family in the restaurant biz so I have been doing this most of my life.

What Benny best describes me:
     The Bella Bella,  well seasoned meat, slightly cheesey,  and accompanied by some great sides!!